Lovely lunch

Was just going to take my salad home, but I walked by the plaza and it charmed me into stopping for an impromptu picnic.

Merry summer morning

We could have gone straight from breakfast to cake, but decided to talk a walk first to ensure we had adequate tummy space.

Power plants are so cute

These neon yellow & black antibiotics I'm on make it look like I'm eating straight up nuclear waste, which amuses me greatly.


I appreciate my hairstylist's never failing enthusiasm for anything she does to my hair, regardless of whatever that actually is.


My faraway friend told me she was sending me a surprise delivery, and not much later my buzzer rang and a friendly man handed me a giant sack of ice cream!

Sidewalk chalk

Swedish coffee shop has hired a chalk artist, so now I am always greeted by something gorgeous when I get my iced mocha!


Saw a woman in the window of a Soho boutique dressing a mannequin in the same dress she was wearing and they were both adorable.

Take the day off.

Tried to visit the bakery, but all of the treats had gone home.


It's here!! Little stickers app is doing so well that we added an expansion pack!

Metrocard surprise

My metrocard "expired" with a dollar left on it and I had to pay another dollar to get a new one, but THEN the new one popped out and it was RAINBOW and my rage subsided.

The best way to buy stamps

My post office has a secret binder with tons of different stamps and they are always happy to help me dig out the prettiest ones. ❤️

Rockin' my accessories

Accidentally created another magnificent drink-dress combo! I'm quite the fruity fashionista lately.

I talk a big game.

My mom just got a really cool new scrabble board! She'd better watch out! I, having won two games in my entire life, am surely formidable competition.

Noodle bar

Maybe I wouldn't try to fix a massive transit crisis with new subway poles that look like mac & cheese, but they sure are cute.

The end is near.

Sitting at a rainbow table munching on a rainbow cookie, soaking up the last colorful days of rainbow season.

Happy happenstance

Went to the edible cookie dough shop to get their new rainbow dough and learned that it's national cookie dough day. I got a free spatula to celebrate!

Today's Report

The ongoing Rainbow Report investigation has uncovered 7-layer rainbow cake at Columbus Circle's third floor bakery!

Rainbow Report

Your faithful rainbow reporter here with the news that Doughnut Plant in Grand Central is in on the action!


My neighborhood is a magnificent place.

To the rescue!

My roommate refused to help me put in the new window air conditioner (probably because she's a cat), so my parents came and picked up the slack.

So hip with the youth

I read that this random cute street that I am instagramming is one of the most instagrammable places in NYC, so surely we're all a little cooler now that I put it in your feeds.

Oh Yeah

"Dancing Queen" was playing at the drugstore, and now it's in my head, but somehow scrambled to, "Feel the beat on the tangerine!"

Someone was feeling inspired

Some tape, paint, bits of metrocard, and a fire hydrant and you've apparently got what you need for an ode to love.

Brand differentiation

Don't worry about confusing the two barbershops that are next door to each other—one just got a rainbow pole!

Serious business, indeed

The ramen house is taking their rainbows very seriously with a classy custom door curtain!

I don't understand why it's not like this.

Every time I set up wi-fi for a new router and it inevitably doesn't go well, I think of this drawing.

Cutie pie in the sky

I did not know that Manhattan had skybridges other than the highline, but lo, here is this adorable one that is 100 years old!


9th ave food festival is in the hood this weekend! You know what that means—funnel cake, ho!!

Harboring a fugitive

Downtown Toronto mostly looks like very serious business, but its fashion district is hiding 1km of street art in set of little alleys.

Park Tunnel

Toronto doesn't have a Central Park, but it does have a little park kinda in the center.


Toronto brought a whole bunch of awesome chefs together and stuck 'em all in this nifty rainbow hall. Ramen time!


Toronto: beige, beige, beige, beige, PINK PARK, beige, beige, beige, beige...


Rise & shine, sleepy little city!

A city of malls

Because of the weather in winter, Toronto has created epic indoor & underground spaces to shelter a lot of its shops and restaurants.


Guys, this was the view FROM MY BED and it cost, like, no dollars because airbandb is apparently where all your dreams come true.

Major omission.

Dunno why the airbandb listing doesn't mention being on the same street as Toronto's shockingly yummy rainbow latte.

What's going on up there?

Canadians seem like the kindly, modest upstairs neighbors, but meanwhile they're secretly building intergalactic travel tubes.

Betting on the latter.

This is either just a fairly standard hotel on a tiny dead-end street in Soho or an enchanted passageway to a fantasy world. Hard to tell.

Ice cream "barlour"

This ice cream has so much booze in it that they card you! Not to worry though; cartoon Amanda looks young, but she's over 21.

Sweet art

I totally ❤️๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ the mural at this waffles and ice cream place!

Treasure trove

Melonpan!! One of my favorite treats is hard to find outside of Japan, and I just stumbled upon a whole bakery-fresh stash!

393 years old!

One of the very first streets of NYC is still here! Its longevity can be credited to diet, exercise, and the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

And it was purple!

Discovered a legit Vietnamese hole-in-the-wall coffee shop and got my first Vietnamese coffee since I was in Vietnam!

Kinda Spicy

First bite: "Hmmm...this Indian food is a little bit spicy."
A few bites later:

Street closed

Something VERY patriotic must be happening on my block today—they aren't skimping on the flag!

Left behind

I don't have a yard, so I tried to convince my mom to foster one for me. But, alas, her yard remains woefully flamingo-free.