If you're happy and you know it...

I thought I understood happiness until I saw my three year-old friend find the last blue peg she needed for her design buried at the bottom of the orange pegs.

In with the new, but sticking with the old

I'm glad for a fresh new year and fun new friendventures, but even happier they're with the same amazing humans.


Is it winter out there? Yup. Does that in any way inhibit my joy about this rainbow matcha unicorn float that I have acquired? Nope.


Just as you're thinking that maybe midtown has run out of odd things...here comes a man peddling a shark down 9th ave to assuage your fears.

Teeny teacher

Totally amazed at the tiny kid genius on the train patiently schooling his much less patient dad on the Rubik's cube.

Go figure.

This morning it seemed like the 24 hr rainbow hot dog store discovered that no one on 10th ave wants a hot dog at 7 am.

Go team!

We finally beat 2018 and unlocked the next level! Here's hoping 2019 is a high scoring one for us all.

We survived.

2018 was a tough one, but thank you friends! You helped me make it through. Now let's get this sucker out of here!


Maybe most of the fa la la la la ing is over, but 'tis still the season for peppermint hot chocolate!

Yay, mail!

Thank you for the Christmas cards, friends! Basically all of them blew in on the same day and it was a delightful delivery.

An historic moment.

Celebrating my first scrabble victory ever! I no longer have to dwell in the shadows of letter-arranging & word-crossing shame!

No doubt about it.

Moroccan shoe factories are obviously run by unicorns.

Into the wild

Good thing I stuffed all those moroccan pancakes in my face; I had plenty of fuel for our long hike in the north African wilderness!


Yes, the scenery...but down these stairs is my tummy's favorite find—moroccan pancakes! Let's go eat too many!


I love helping my friend wrap presents! And by "helping wrap," I mean I watch her do all the actual wrapping and then I merrily scribble the names on at the end.

Sand pile with a view

Made it to the top of the dune! Plopped down in the perfect place to see sunset in the Sahara.

Sand mountain climbing

*Huff puff *huff puff...(too out of breath to tell you how difficult and awesome it is to climb a desert sand dune).


We even got to go inside the mosque washrooms! These cute things are where you clean up before you go to service.


Our adventures begun with some bopping around the grounds of Africa's largest mosque.


Finally getting around to making "Amanda Goes to Morocco," so stay tuned for some totally random eight month old vacation photos!

Surprise Delivery!

The mailman came carrying the sweetest stuffed sunshine!

Grown-up Sleepover!

So pleased to have have my sofa occupied by such a lovely out-of-town friend.

The prodigious gifter

❤️ My favorite 8 year-old friend decided to find a present for me and bought—with her own money—an absolutely perfect pillow. ❤️

The promised land

This street has my favorite dumpling place, a neat candy shop, and now also rainbows, so it's basically paradise.


Bus ticket? Check! Presents? Check! Unnecessary sparkly party dress? Check! Look out PA party peeps, here I come!

Woo to the Hoo

You guys!! My little app made it to the App Store charts! Top 100 Free Sticker Apps!!

May all their Christmases be white

It's that time again! My teeth went to the dentist-in-the-fancy-building and are feeling merry and bright!

Jingle all the way

Definitely a fan of the random mounted police officer who is merrily jingling through the hood with sleigh bells.

So stylish

Look out, wobbly bookshelf—I've got my multicolored manatee toolbox out and I'm feelin' handy!

Good thinking.

I got a letter from the north pole! Mrs. Claus didn't have my address so she sent it c/o my favorite 8-year old friend.

Hangin' in there

Even a week later, my sweet sorry-about-your-kitty flowers are still cheering up my apartment.

Not what we were going for...

Cookie time! Or maybe not...

Yellow and friends

Pretty fall colors...but I see some others peeking through too!

Cup of cheer

It seemed to me to be a dreary day, but bakery-around-the-corner surprised me with a swirly straw and I reconsidered that appraisal.

Merry morning

My friends got up early on a Saturday morning to cheer me up with a yummy coffee adventure out in Queens.


The weather is trying its best to be gloomy, but the happy fall colors are totally ruining its plans.

Special visitor

It may have been cold & raining, but a visit from our sweet California friend made our hearts warm & happy!

Box of sunshine!

So charming!! Some of my friends call me "Sunshine," and the mailman brought me this amazing gift box of sunshine things!!

Fall is in the air!

Last week my aunt came and we did our gorgeous fall adventure in the sky—it's a good time for the highline!

Sleep 101

Ok, let's go over this daylight savings thing one more time. I'm happy to take questions if anything is not clear...

Errand excitement

Was still basking in my post-vote glow when I discovered the glee-inducing gorgeousness at the grocery store.

The free and the brave

I was afraid to go because I didn't want to be a blind person navigating the confusing, crowded pit of angry chaos that is usually my polling situation. But, I braved the madness and some kind people helped me and it was fine!

Painting party time!

This weekend we had a party for making paintings to hang in our friends' new house and it was fun AND not a disaster!

Carpe Diem!

It's Halloween, people!

One of my favorite bosses

My favorite 8 year-old friend loves making books and I have found her to be a legitimately excellent art director.

She's all fluff

My last fall jacket tried to be classy, but this time I followed my heart and am pleased to report that I look like a big, bright, happy puffball.

My time has come.

We have officially entered the narrow window where it's socially acceptable to be a candy-eating rainbow unicorn in public.


I almost didn't get my unicorn latte because the shop was out of neon blue unicorn juice, but my dreams were saved when they were able to conjure up a radiant purple one instead.