Livin' the life.


One of many pretty Moroccan street fountains and one of many more Moroccan street kitties.

Life in Watercoor

I think they couldn't decide where to stop the mural so they just turned the whole darn place into a beautiful painting.


Feelin' the blues, bu the happy kind—because it's the color of this whole town!

Hey ho

Hello, Morocco!

All Aboard

There are no apps to hail a camel, but we managed to find a ride anyhow.

Gateway to adventure

The intrepid explorers donned their headscarves, bravely bid farewell to wi-fi, and set off from the adorable outpost into the wild.

Sahara at Sunset

Hard to tell from the photos, but I promise that we camped in a real desert and not a desktop wallpaper.

Africa, ho!

Gettin' ready for tomorrow's adventure!

For real

I WAS HERE eatin' this yummy rainbow cake push pop in this magical rainbow store and I AM SO PLEASED

All mine

When you're sooo tired and dreading your inevitable fate of standing smushed in an overcrowded train but then the train comes too soon and it's gloriously empty.

Cut from the same cloth.

I love the soul of whoever it was that looked at peeps and thought, "The world needs a huggable version of this."

Hop! Hop!

Ate chocolate shaped like an egg and am feelin' festive.

Humans are awesome sometimes

Summary: Doughnut guy: "Why don't I see you anymore?" Me: "I used to work near here, but lost my job." Guy in line behind me: "I'm buying!" ❤️

Yeah, mom time

My mom came to visit and we had adventure time, non-adventure time, and maybe even misadventure time, but it was all good times.

It's on 10th ave though.

This coffee bar looks cool, but it's also never crowded, which makes it actually cooler than you thought.

First springtime walk in the park!

Like magic!

Subways are the best because you go down a hole and then you come up another hole and you're (usually) where you wanted to be!

Happy Spring!*

*Maybe a slightly inaccurate depiction of the actual situation. 

So much ❤️

Aw, I ❤️ you too, lower east side.

The loveliest of commutes

Maybe they didn't build us enough crosstown trains because they secretly wanted us to discover how lovely it is to be forced to walk across central park sometimes. Or maybe they wanted the Upper East Side to feel like it's on another planet, I dunno.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Look, you found a four leaf clover! Granted, you found it on social media and not in the grass, but surely it's just as lucky.

Love at first bite

I saw the giant handmade frog marshmallow staring happily up at me from my hot chocolate and I knew we were meant to be.

How did this happen?!?

YAY!! My app has come so far so fast! Go, little app, go!

Yummy Math

I support this pun! Dessert is just as important as the particular infinite decimal that is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.

Dispensing the goods

Finally visited the cupcake ATM! It's like a normal ATM except hooked up to a bakery so you can withdraw treats! 😂

Seasonally appropriate

The less tropical the weather, the more my heart wants to wear pineapples to compensate.


Didn't actually see any subway ghosts here, but this part of the station is so creepy that surely this is their stop.

Rock on

Love the early morning guard singing loudly to himself and clearly enjoying the good acoustics in the subway entrance.

I missed you, sunshine!

Just when all hope seemed lost, the heroes used time travel to vanquish the darkness and save the daylight, and everyone lived happily ever after in daylight savings time forever.

If only

Saw the giant vat of rainbow sprinkles at the bakery and thought...

You're welcome.

Just resorted to my first ever energy drink and was inspired to generously donate my professional design skills to help the company rethink their packaging.

Love delivery!

My friend helped her three-year-old send me a postcard while they were out of town for a few days and I felt super special.

Tweet Tweet

My night owl friend met my early bird self for breakfast and it was such a neat treat to share my favorite time of day.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the sky...

I posted the inclement weather party pic, and one of my friends was bummed that sun wasn't invited. But then she decides that sun was having his own party in the clouds on a playground with rainbow sprinkles. This seemed to me like a necessary drawing. 

You're Invited!

Whoa, it is snow-hail-rain-winding out there! It's like all the weather got together for a party!

Success (I think)!

In the app store universe it's not much, but in Amanda world it's huge! So, I'm celebrating—woo!! Thanks everybody!

Look, look, look!!!

My friend Allison made pins with my app art!! She is just the awesomest.

Come on, now.

I resisted the giant stuffed cupcake, but now a rainbow pompom bird? Seriously, what do you think I have—willpower made of steel?

Highly Recommend

My art school peeps and I did one of those classes where you drink and pretend to be an artist, and it was definitely funtimes. 

I'd drink to that.

What? A hot chocolate festival? Sign me up!


What a beautiful gloomy day.


You can get my animated emoji for your texts!

He's always there when I need him.

I'm glad we're friends, coffee. Some days I particularly appreciate your encouragement and support.

Pinky Swear

I know I overuse the word magical, but guys, someone stuffed Lincoln Center full of balloons and I promise that there is not a better adjective for this situation.


Not only is this bakery cute and full of yummy treats, it also has BENDY STRAWS for your iced coffee, and I happen to be a huge fan of bendy straws.

Treats to the rescue!

The exhibit we wanted to see was closed, but then we got treats and the adventure was saved!

I see the logic.

"No! Do not put those ice cubes on that pizza!" —my friend
"But it's hot!" —his kid
"LOL" —me