Boo for you!

I never bought a halloween card before, but as soon as sparkle bowtie ghost caught my eye I knew the time had come.

Good day to you as well.

A bee just LANDED ON MY FACE and I thought the world was going to end, but it didn't sting! I guess it only wanted to say hello?


It was just me and the attendant at the laundromat today, so if I closed my eyes I could pretend to be living the ultimate dream: possessing my own washer/dryer.

Yum, alliteration.

Sometimes we're friends that eat avocado toast together, but today we were much cuter and were breakfast buddies that met for bagels.

Not so mellow yellow

I thought this building was as yellow as you could get, but that park job has taken the yellowness of the situation to a whole new level.

Status Update

It is lovely outside and also I have a matcha latte with an alpaca on it.

Friend material.

Saw a woman on the street with a rainbow backpack that had wings and thought, "I wish I knew you so we could be friends forever."

Hope this doesn't make him hard.

My hood's Swedish coffee shop didn't pay its taxes, so it got seized by the government and my favorite iced mocha is probably doing hard time in prison.

Technology at its finest

When I ignore pinterest it sends me emails full of anthropomorphic pineapples; their charming algorithm has clearly got my heart figured out.

Coolest uncool thing ever.

Every time it rains I consider pretending to be a tourist because I see them and get poncho envy so bad.

Adorable Kindness

My favorite 7-year-old knew I would think her new toy was cute so she wrapped it and gave it to me to borrow.

Sweet Dreams

Last night I had a dream that the rainbow sparkle bakery accidentally delivered 800 cupcakes to my apartment and this morning I'm a little disappointed with reality.

You almost don't need sugar.

The lady who runs the new coffee shop is so incredibly sweet that you'd think the drinks are filled with sunshine, love, and happiness.


It's quite toasty and my air conditioner is quite dead, so if you need me I'll just be over here...

So charming

It was a bajillion degrees and stuffy in midtown, but I did manage to get one sweet little kiss on the cheek from a random bit of breeze.

My chariot has arrived!

The new Q train extension makes the commute to my eye doctors so much less terrible that an angel gets its wings every time I ride it.

Team huddle

A ton of trees just appeared on the sidewalk for a tree meeting; probably to talk about important tree stuff.


Just discovered this questionable substance called a "frappuccino." It tastes entirely like chemicals, but, once you drink enough of it, the chemicals become oddly yummy.

All this time??

Just discovered a bakery five blocks from my apartment that sells rainbow glitter cupcakes. How did I not know??


What's that, summer? You said you'd stay forever? No? Are you sure?

Sunshine & Sprinkles

Headed to the bakery because it's an "I'll enjoy the walk as much as the cookie" kind of summer day.

Good thing it lives on the ground floor.

Was not aware that our apartments' hallway tree was having mobility issues, but I'm glad someone got it the assistance it needed.


I dunno why my fancy-pants New York City bank teller was not impressed when I proudly presented my piggy bank's $10.50 in pennies.

Buh-bye, moon!

Time to wake up, my sweet little sleepy city!

Well, if they weren't so darn flammable ...

Bonfire family time! I won't say who, but one of us needs some serious work on their marshmallow roasting skills.


Ate yummy hipster food in a hipster coffee shop in Swati's hipster neighborhood, but fortunately emerged still unhip.

I got this.

Still a bajillion degrees out there? Don't worry; I have a plan...

So spiffy

Gobbled down a rose petal and chocolate pearl covered popsicle and am feelin' pretty darn fancy-fancy.

Today's Local News at Noon

Resident color lover here to report that the new paint job on the 37th st overpass into midtown has increased the city's cheerfulness density by 128%.

Oooh, I love pineapples.

My favorite 7-year-old friend gave me a pineapple ring! It's a good thing real life Amanda actually has fingers.

Clearly this was meant for me.

I swear I wasn't even looking for a store that only sold rainbow cookies. I was just strolling through the underground market and suddenly...surprise!!

2 for 1

got me a super awesome prism that fills my apartment and my heart with rainbows.

New York is good for that.

Was feeling a little cranky so I went for a walk. The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing, and a woman with a giant hamburger strapped to her back strolled casually by, and my spirits were lifted.

Good times

When your friend comes for the weekend and brings you love, buys you food, and takes you on adventures!

Excuse me

We were walking down a dark and narrow ancient cobblestone street, when suddenly we bumped into this gorgeousness.


We all wondered what the deal was with this hike through a barren field in the middle of nowhere, but then we saw the deal.

Down by the sea

Morocco's version of a beach town is as mega-charming as I was expecting.

Happy nose

It's too bad I can't post the scent that went with this, because a garden full of orange blossoms smells a-maz-ing.

Adventures in beauty

Amanda visits her first mosque and makes her first appearance in black and white, all in one post!


Ancient Moroccan fortress! Pretty easy to invade, since the door is wide open and they serve tea instead of shooting at things.


Moroccan markets are definitely my style.

Stuffed with 'em

Random romantic little corners all over this place!

Surprise pretty

This gorgeous classically Moroccan scene brought to you by the little toilet nook in our hotel bathroom.

Definitely tea time!


Any time is potentially tea time, which is super because Moroccans are amazing at tea.

Even in Morocco

I can always go for a good pile of Roman ruins.

I'm not usually claustrophobic, but...

Cartoon Amanda wanted to be in this pic of the narrow Moroccan city streets, but she was too round and got stuck, like, five blocks back.

Donkey coming through!

The streets in Fez are so charmingly narrow that we promptly leaned the Arabic word for, "Get out of the way!"