Good thing it lives on the ground floor.

Was not aware that our apartments' hallway tree was having mobility issues, but I'm glad someone got it the assistance it needed.


I dunno why my fancy-pants New York City bank teller was not impressed when I proudly presented my piggy bank's $10.50 in pennies.

Buh-bye, moon!

Time to wake up, my sweet little sleepy city!

Well, if they weren't so darn flammable ...

Bonfire family time! I won't say who, but one of us needs some serious work on their marshmallow roasting skills.


Ate yummy hipster food in a hipster coffee shop in Swati's hipster neighborhood, but fortunately emerged still unhip.

I got this.

Still a bajillion degrees out there? Don't worry; I have a plan...

So spiffy

Gobbled down a rose petal and chocolate pearl covered popsicle and am feelin' pretty darn fancy-fancy.

Today's Local News at Noon

Resident color lover here to report that the new paint job on the 37th st overpass into midtown has increased the city's cheerfulness density by 128%.

Oooh, I love pineapples.

My favorite 7-year-old friend gave me a pineapple ring! It's a good thing real life Amanda actually has fingers.

Clearly this was meant for me.

I swear I wasn't even looking for a store that only sold rainbow cookies. I was just strolling through the underground market and suddenly...surprise!!

2 for 1

got me a super awesome prism that fills my apartment and my heart with rainbows.

New York is good for that.

Was feeling a little cranky so I went for a walk. The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing, and a woman with a giant hamburger strapped to her back strolled casually by, and my spirits were lifted.

Good times

When your friend comes for the weekend and brings you love, buys you food, and takes you on adventures!

Excuse me

We were walking down a dark and narrow ancient cobblestone street, when suddenly we bumped into this gorgeousness.


We all wondered what the deal was with this hike through a barren field in the middle of nowhere, but then we saw the deal.

Down by the sea

Morocco's version of a beach town is as mega-charming as I was expecting.

Happy nose

It's too bad I can't post the scent that went with this, because a garden full of orange blossoms smells a-maz-ing.

Adventures in beauty

Amanda visits her first mosque and makes her first appearance in black and white, all in one post!


Ancient Moroccan fortress! Pretty easy to invade, since the door is wide open and they serve tea instead of shooting at things.


Moroccan markets are definitely my style.

Stuffed with 'em

Random romantic little corners all over this place!

Surprise pretty

This gorgeous classically Moroccan scene brought to you by the little toilet nook in our hotel bathroom.

Definitely tea time!


Any time is potentially tea time, which is super because Moroccans are amazing at tea.

Even in Morocco

I can always go for a good pile of Roman ruins.

I'm not usually claustrophobic, but...

Cartoon Amanda wanted to be in this pic of the narrow Moroccan city streets, but she was too round and got stuck, like, five blocks back.

Donkey coming through!

The streets in Fez are so charmingly narrow that we promptly leaned the Arabic word for, "Get out of the way!"

Big and Beautiful

My, what big barns you have, Sultan.

Horsing around

Learned us some history while bopping around the stables of an ancient sultan's palace.

Livin' the life.


One of many pretty Moroccan street fountains and one of many more Moroccan street kitties.

Life in Watercoor

I think they couldn't decide where to stop the mural so they just turned the whole darn place into a beautiful painting.


Feelin' the blues, bu the happy kind—because it's the color of this whole town!

Hey ho

Hello, Morocco!

All Aboard

There are no apps to hail a camel, but we managed to find a ride anyhow.

Gateway to adventure

The intrepid explorers donned their headscarves, bravely bid farewell to wi-fi, and set off from the adorable outpost into the wild.

Sahara at Sunset

Hard to tell from the photos, but I promise that we camped in a real desert and not a desktop wallpaper.

Africa, ho!

Gettin' ready for tomorrow's adventure!

For real

I WAS HERE eatin' this yummy rainbow cake push pop in this magical rainbow store and I AM SO PLEASED

All mine

When you're sooo tired and dreading your inevitable fate of standing smushed in an overcrowded train but then the train comes too soon and it's gloriously empty.

Cut from the same cloth.

I love the soul of whoever it was that looked at peeps and thought, "The world needs a huggable version of this."

Hop! Hop!

Ate chocolate shaped like an egg and am feelin' festive.

Humans are awesome sometimes

Summary: Doughnut guy: "Why don't I see you anymore?" Me: "I used to work near here, but lost my job." Guy in line behind me: "I'm buying!" ❤️

Yeah, mom time

My mom came to visit and we had adventure time, non-adventure time, and maybe even misadventure time, but it was all good times.

It's on 10th ave though.

This coffee bar looks cool, but it's also never crowded, which makes it actually cooler than you thought.

First springtime walk in the park!

Like magic!

Subways are the best because you go down a hole and then you come up another hole and you're (usually) where you wanted to be!

Happy Spring!*

*Maybe a slightly inaccurate depiction of the actual situation.