Go, Mark, go!

Today marks the last day at Nickelodeon for my longtime friend, mentor, and boss. I will miss my fellow maker oh-so dearly, but I can't wait to see what magic will happen when he follows his dreams. 

Morning Commute

My friend Swati, pondering more desirable transportation options than the rush hour L out of Brooklyn. Bling the Magic Drag-n was definitely a contender. 

Serious work business going on here.

My office friends are fun, and it is not infrequent that the costume onesies come out at work.

We took a photo yesterday, and when I saw it, I thought, I wonder what the cartoon version would look like?

Why else?

Walkin' in the winter wonderland...to get to the mocha and cookies.

Dreams do come true

I found a wig that is exactly how I wish hair would grow out of my head. It make me look weird, but it is SO PRETTY.

Random act of cardinal

I have a facebook friend who quite frequently posts pictures of cardinals. I always think, I'd like to try to draw one of those someday...

Covert Mission

I love making Christmas cards because they are basically love letters on an undercover operation.

I'mma win that....

Every year I co-organize the Nickelodeon silent art auction, and every year it is amazing. Anyone can donate anything they have made, and the pieces that people bring in for sale are delightfully well done. Everyone who works with me is so talented!

Bling the Magic Drag-n

For our art auction at work, a bunch of us each adopted a wooden Nickelodeon N and were tasked with art-ify-ing it in any way we pleased. 3-D things are definitely not my thing, but I was brave enough to attempt the challenge. I decided to try a fire breathing drag-n, which started out as just clay on top of the wood. However, at some point I realized that my poor sculpting skills needed some help. I've never worked with sequins before, but they were the perfect thing for covering up little imperfections. It took the help of tweezers, glue, and a lot of patience, but eventually Bling the Magic Drag-n was born. He unfortunately doesn't photograph well; in reality he's much more attractively shiny and his form is more clear. But you get the idea!

So close to being a responsible citizen...

Courtroom drama IRL! I was THISCLOSE to spending the next few weeks in a chair judging people, but then they cut me loose at the very last minute!

Job Perks

I have jury duty today, but it's in Chinatown! You can run, dumplings, but you can't hide! Actually, you can't run. You're pretty much screwed.

Amanda the Gardener

Just over here dumping water on some stuff I put in the ground so pretty things will happen.


"I have so much love sloshing around in my heart." —my friend


"You look like a strawberry!" —bakery man

Oh well.

*Goes to dentist; is sooooo excited about clean teeth. Realizes Magnolia is on way home; celebrates with banana bread pudding.

When I get all steamed up, hear me shout...

...just kidding; I'm pretty zen.

Let's Pow Wow!

For this year's silent auction at work I did another cut paper piece. He's 11 x 14 inches tall, and I mounted him between two panes of glass and put a sheet of glitter paper under the glass behind him.

In progress:

What, now you want pillow space too?

You do know you're not a people, right?

Build me up...

Today a colleague popped in and asked if we buttercups were done with the conference room, which I found to be extremely delightful.

So ready.

Tell me why Halloween isn't one of the happiest things ever invented? 

This little light of mine...

After narwhals, anglerfish are the second coolest sea creature because having a light bulb attached to your head is awesome.

Awww yeah, ruffle time!

Big news, people! My glorious new hoodie has many giant ruffles AND yet is also reasonably societally acceptable, and I am very excited about the situation.


It's took a while, but I finally forgave red pandas for not actually being pandas. Carry on with existing, little buddies.

A Darinig Feat

If you've never wrestled an angry cat down a ladder, you're missing out on a unique life experience.

Basically the same things.

Last year this idea failed so hard as a drawing that the art police should have taken away my license, but now with animation it kinda works! Rescued!

Now you know

If you're curious about the science behind eclipses, I have created a highly accurate rendering of how it works.

Fo' Realz

I never thought about how narwhals are real, and this means that we live in a world with legit fishy unicorns, which is totally awesome.


From Nickelodeon Magazine to Nick Digital, it's been ten years of working with—I am sure—the smartest, kindest, awesomest people there are to work with. HUGS FOR EVERYBODY!

Pandas From the Back

I traced a photo of a real panda to ensure that this would be scientifically accurate.

Part of that world...

You can keep your sea witch voice suck thing; Mermanda is only up here for the ice cream.

She's Alive!!!

Go, flat Amanda, go!

Kitty Roll

Oh, I am so cute, don't you want to pet my tummy? Btw. touch my tummy and I will slay you mercilessly.

My work here is done.

*Walks into store. Buys all the polka dot wrapping paper. Walks out.


Let's pause on the whole adulting thing for today and all go frolic in the park.

Dog walker meets dog walker

I couldn't make out all the details of the epic dog herd collision, but, given all the barking and yelling, I'm sure a good time was had by all.

Pretty pretty

Today was community day at work! We got to wear pretty matching t-shirts and work in the park!