This is the fastest piece I have ever done, and coincidentally, one of my favorites. It was an assignment for an Art Ed. class in college, designed to get us thinking about how to make the most out of very limited and un-ideal resources. We were all given the cheap, lightweight, and nonabsorbent paper typically found in school classrooms (in this case, about 12x18 in), and an 8-color crayola watercolor palette. We were then given about five minutes to get some color and water on the paper, and watch the disaster that ensued. After we had all quickly made messes, our homework assignment was to take those splotchy runny messes and use any means we could find to turn them into something not so horrid. I thought, hmmm, kinda looks like a swamp. I've got real work to do, so I'll slap a frog on there and call it a day. I didn't even use a brush—the black line work was done with india ink and the dropper that came with the bottle. From start to finish, the whole thing took less than ten minutes, a feat I have come nowhere near replicating since.

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