Avily has Arrived!

My first attempt at birth announcements! Avily was born and will grow up here in New York City—hence the stork driving a taxicab. I also chose the taxi theme because I could use the ad space on the taxi to incorporate her name in the drawing, and the rooftop dashboard to display the date—so the art is really personalized without being a traditional portrait.

This was a bit of an experiment in media—beloved colored pencil, meet my digital bff, pen tool! Let the potential synergistic awesomeness commence!
Here's how it worked itself out:

• I started by making a pencil outline drawing, and creating some textures {colored pencil on watercolor paper}.

• Then I scanned them both and used the sketch as a pattern to digitally cut out shapes from the textures.

• The shapes then got layered and shaded to make the picture.

I used inDesign to set the type, and finally MailChimp to program and send the whole shebang as an html e-mail. I think it worked out pretty well.

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