Amanda Learns to Cut Paper!

Since my trusty old magnifying glass, colored pencils, and I have been a well-oiled but uninspired team as of late, I thought we'd venture out and welcome my friend x-acto knife to the party. I've never cut paper before, but it turns out my hunch was right: if you can work a colored pencil, the learning curve for a pencil-shaped knife is not that steep.

This was the first one I did. It was an experiment with weaving & layering both positive and negative shapes to make a ribbon themed card for my friend Jason. The red layer is actually really beautiful red ribbon that I had left over from something:

I learned from that one that I was more interested in making holes than layers. This one was for my mom and dad. Here it goes on the cutting board:
And here it goes with some nice lighting—I think part of the interestingness of these will be to see how the recipients choose to display them:

For this one I used the initials of my pals Daniel, Diney, their son Mattias, and their dogs Camo & curly to make a pseudo-family tree, Christmas-style:

And this one was my favorite—for my friends Craig & Lisa, their names cavorting with little Christmas balls inside a giant Christmas ball:

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