Amanda Makes the BEST THING EVER.

The best thing ever?

OK, Let me explain.

I LOVE these things:
LOOOOVE. LOVE, I tell you.
They're steam stacks—you see them all over Manhattan. When water seeps down into a manhole and comes in contact with hot pipes under the street, it causes a steam leak. This is a visibility hazard to drivers, so the orange and white striped chimneys are placed over the offending manhole to funnel the steam up above traffic.

And I think the are the most ADORABLE thing ever.
I want one.
Unfortunately, they are quite large. And not for sale.

Soooo...I proceeded to make one.
An almost life-size one.
Are you ready for this?

OK, here's the before shot. I have this white floor lamp with a rice paper shade that was just begging {oh, you should have heard it begging} to be transformed:
And I happened to have some orange tissue paper that was the perfect shade. And some giant sheets of corrugated plastic left over from a college project. And some white paint left over from my loft bed.

Clearly this was meant to be.

In all of its glory:

times a million.

Also, I would like to thank my fuzzy assistants who contributed to this project by not eating the orange stripes or walking in the clouds while the paint was wet.


  1. Okay, so, maybe the steam is a visibility hazard, but the "chimneys" are an immediate COLLISION hazard. Second, are there shelves in that stack of books? I can't see, and, if not, how do you ever get a book out that isn't near the top? That's a "die under a pile of fallen books" hazard. Finally, yes, the stack is pure awesomeness :)

  2. HA!
    Yup, it has shelves—approx every five books. I enjoy that bookcase very much. :)

  3. Your imagination inspires me! <3