The Buddy Logo Project

As a team-building exercise at work, we were paired with one of our colleagues and instructed to design a mark that represents them. My partner is an amazing designer at Nick Jr., Jasmine Wilson. If there is one word that captures Jasmine, it's beauty. But not only is she a beautiful person—she also wears beautiful clothes, does beautiful work, has a beautiful taste in design, and runs a beautiful blog. So it was this multifaceted beauty that I wanted to convey, and I thought a peacock was a great symbol of that. Jasmine is really into tactile illustration and paper manipulation, so it only made sense to cut it out of paper. Above is what it looked like with light shining through it—one of my favorite elements of cut-paper pieces.

Here's the finished piece; I really love this beautiful blue-green paper {Jasmine's favorite color}:

She took a cool little picture of it with her phone:

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