The Pelachick Triptych

This was my first adventure into the world of fabric printing, a result of operation wedding present for my buddies Darbie & Jon. Darbie somehow in my visual system has become commonly represented by a bird, Jon's nickname is cloud, and one of the prominent themes of their wedding was the ampersand. I thought these visual elements would work well together in a series of three drawings; they had decorative pillows on their wedding registry—bam! Pillow triptych. It had to be done.

The original art was inked by hand and digitally colored, and I used CafePress to print the actual pillows, which are about 18" each. The second and third came out lovely, but the green one was fail. {Reproducing semi-subtle variations in green is apparently not CafePress' forte.} The other hitch was that the pillows come with a horrendous white border around the art. I black-fabric-painted that business up, and all is now as it should be.

Here are the originals:

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