Miscellaneous Adventuretimes!

W 46 st = haunted by bagel ghosts. RIP, H&H bagels. :( 

on the pier @ Hudson River Park 

 What a lovely night for a concert next to an aircraft carrier.

 There's a spaceship in my backyard now. Got to watch the installation of the Enterprise from my office window, and went to inspect the delivery when I got home—it  still had the packing materials on. :)

 Lovely late afternoon light in a little park down in Alphabet city

 Clearly the best art installation NYC has ever seen. POLKA DOTTED WONDERLAND: swoon. 

 Waiting for the fireworks to start on the fourth of July

Pretty rubble on E 23 st

 Type love @ the Highline

 Oh little water tower, you are so cute.

It is not often Seymour gets the right light to escape being a vague black blob in photos.

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