Preparing for Takeoff

The prompt for this week's assignment was innovation within large corporations. As this is a theme that also daily asserts itself in my professional life {as someone tasked with being creative in a giant corporation}, I've had lots of opportunity to ponder what circumstances make for the ideal innovation lab. I've explored this here with kids, the segment of our population most frequently in the ideal place to create.
In this instance, these guys needed a rainy day—a large stretch of unstructured time in an uninteresting place with a few excited friends, a few supplies, and a self-directed project they've got real ownership of. As the sun breaks out of the clouds, they've now got something else they'll also need; a chance to get outside and see if that work can really fly.


  1. Amanda makes [AMAZING] things!

    following your blog!
    So nice to have met you the other night!


  2. Thank Pennie! It was so good to meet you too! :D