Weekend Wanderings in Washington DC!

My friend Juliet is living on Capitol Hill right now, and I got to venture down to see her this weekend. We had many excellent adventures, the first of which was a nighttime walk around the hill.

Juliet's neighborhood = extremely adorable. 

 The capitol hill used book store is a gloriously claustrophobic & wonderfully disheveled maze of nooks and crannies stuffed to the ceiling with classics and contemporaries:

 complete with commentary, in case you are wanting some opinions, spoilers, or amusement.

 Everything we tasted or bought from eastern market was super yummy. The corn lady gave us a very helpful lesson in selecting the best corn for our cookout.

We got to the Library of Congress just in time to be sheltered from a tornado meandering through. Perhaps not the safest place to avoid a tornado, but browsing Thomas Jefferson's personal library is a pretty nice way to ride out a storm. :)

I very much enjoy the creepily lit station architecture in D.C.'s metro.

 Juliet's neighbors

 Lincoln Memorial at night: BEST. THING. EVER.

I am in love with the Gettysburg address. I am also in love with this engraving of it.

My camera failed massively here, but I had to include this anyhow because the Washington Monument at night, as seen from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, is super, super magical. None of the magic showed in the photo though, so you will just have to go and check it out yourself. 

Looking out the window into the enclosed courtyard at the National Portrait Gallery

Awesome skylight at the National Portrait Gallery

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