It's Pumpkin Painting Season!

I started things off with this year with this happy little set of round guys for my fellow teammates at work. We're the games product development team, internally named "Team 1UP," and we use the little power-up mushroom as our mascot. You can't see it in this photo, but each little 'shroom is exclaiming the name of one of my colleagues.

I couldn't make one for our page developer {he works in Canada}, so I drew him a pumpkin and e-mailed it to him instead. :)

Our VP of design had a birthday in Oct, so I painted this pumpkin and the whole team signed it for her.

It wouldn't be pumpkin time without my good old friends polka-dotted octopus and happy candy corn {excellent for drawing, but not for eating}.

And my personal seasonal favorite, cute little boo ghost.

His adorableness made multiple appearances. Here he is happily haunting Phoebe's pumpkin.

The other side, dedicated to Phoebe's roommate Abby.

I love me some snails!

And let's not forget jellyfish!

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