Photo Shooting Around the 'Hood

Early sunny Sunday morning stroll along Central Park West 

Magical late afternoon light shining in on my workstation: the colors are a little off, but the happy light quality I think is still apparent.

 All sorts of excellent stripes + bonus awesome random purple smear I discovered on a lunchtime walk through midtown

 Super beautiful gold number-forms flanked by silver scaffolding, across the street from Grand Central

 More marvelous midtown texture, I think on W 46th st near 5th ave

 Church of the Lincoln Tunnel; aka the Croatian Roman-Catholic Church of Saints Cyril & Methodius and St. Raphael: a giant amazing old-school, hard-core gothic church plopped in the oddest location possible.

cuteness parked just off 11th ave

I pass these steps on w 46th st every day on the way to work and have been wanting to take a picture of that charming little type treatment since the first time I saw it. Mission finally accomplished. 

West 51st st between 9th and 10th avenues is a super charming little block that I always make sure to include in my trips to the post office.

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