Design Work: Kung Fu Panda Showsite

Starting to get my design portfolio site back in shape! I'll be posting each project here as I get it together. Soooo...

Let's start with the site I designed for Nickelodeon's show Kung Fu Panda. 
{You can click on any of these images to see them full-size}
This is a character detail page, with one of my faves, Master Shifu. I was pleased to get to take this project on because the show itself is really, really well done. It's pretty funny, well-written, and beautiful. And I loooove pandas! {I can forgive their monochromaticity in part because of their massive cuteness.} The site is designed to reflect the rich, deep, dimensional, and saturated wold that the characters live in.

Here's a detail from the background:
Images I made for some of the other characters:
Around Halloween, I drew a cartoon mask based on each main character {except for mantis, who doesn't really have a face}, and put them on the site for kids to print and wear:

Here's what the video play pages looked like:

Cute little graphic I made to sit next to the description of the show on its about page:

Two of the promos I made for the homepage of

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