Papercut & Watercolor Adventures

It's been a while since my last papercut funtimes. I was missing it, so I busted out my trusty knife and made this pretty hole. The next hole I make will probably not have all those swirly things, because I discovered on the first one that the inner curve on those suckers is pretty much the most difficult knife maneuver there is. At that point it was too late to alter the design, and there were a million of 'em left to go! I was sure I was going to slip and hack one off, but much to my surprise, it came out alright. After the hole was complete, I dusted off my elementary school watercolor skills {you just can't beat the old salt shaker trick for some lovely texture} to make the color it's mounted on.

From the side, so you can get an idea of the depth:

top down:

bottom up:

My studio assistant, assessing the work:

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