Where Magic Grows

I wandered back to digital work for this piece at the Wheelhouse. This one was subject to quite a bit of experimenting with process, inspired by my last few forays in colored pencil. By finally figuring out here how to successfully switch from overlaying the color on the texture to overlaying the texture on the color, I gained a significant capacity to manipulate the actual structure of the piece while in color, which I had been wanting for a long time. I also was hoping to find a line quality capable of more nuance. I certainly did—by switching to pencil—but at too great a cost to the boldness/cuteness for my liking. In the future I am hoping to discover if there is a marker/pencil combo that will hit the sweet spot. The change in line technique forced me to apply the color differently, and if you were to rummage around in the file and look at the layers, they look way more like the process of painting and less like a hyper-mechanical robot-like technique. This makes me nervous—I hate messy files and I hate painting—but it opens up a lot of potential for the work to look less digital. I'm not sure what I think about the actual product here, but I was pleased with how much I learned from it.

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