So, this was pretty exciting. I was puzzled by a large jump in traffic showing up on my blog analytics, and was super surprised to find that it was coming from BuzzFeed! Turns out, I made it into one of their posts! They found one of my older cartoons and included it in one of their collections. BuzzFeed, if you are not familiar, is a heavyweight in the shaping of internet culture. They're an extremely successful content aggregator—they find content from around the web, editorially arrange it, and then sell ads against the traffic. They're a corporately operated meme-factory, which I find to be an interesting paradox. There are of course mixed feelings about this strategy in the internet-making and artistic communities, but I was pleased with the treatment. Their post got over 300,000 views, they both cited me and linked to both my blog and my website proper, and I got a ton of hits out if the deal. Plus I can say I was on BuzzFeed. :) Woo!

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