Amanda gets a new camera! :D

Meet my new baby, Fuji! Isn't he adorable? He is my very first not-a-point-and-shoot! We are getting along great so far. Here are some of our very first adventures:

LOOK, IT'S SEYMOUR!!! I've never been able to get a good picture of my littler kitty—cameras turn her into an amorphous black blob. Not Fuji! He could even do dark cat in a dark corner!

My Milton camera troubles stem mostly from her perpetual movement, but also partly from her high contrast black and white moo-kitty pattern. Fuji did a good job with her too.

Then Fuji and I went outside to play:

Red, white, and blue! {Hell's Kitchen}

 Park West High School {Hell's Kitchen}

Where the horsies live! {Hell's Kitchen}

lovely texture + pretty colors + ominous shadows {Hell's Kitchen}

Street meat, after hours {Hell's Kitchen}

I think they forgot the steps? {Hell's Kitchen}

Parking lot across the street from the Javits Center {Hell's Kitchen}

Random guy hanging outside the Javits Center, conveniently positioned in my composition

I wanted to walk down this block so bad; I was sure it had more treasure. But I was alone, and it was almost dark, and this is unfortunately not a block you walk down alone in the dark. Not even for treasure. {Hell's Kitchen}

The next day:
stairwell to the muffin room {at church}

Dunno who this statue is of, but he sure had some magical lighting (central park}

tiger lilies guarding the bridge {central park}

cute little dude {Hell's Kitchen}

The recent DOMA ruling means my neighborhood has even more rainbows flying than usual! SO MANY RAINBOWS. I love rainbows. {Hell's Kitchen}

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