Springtime and Conundrums

Well. Brace yourselves for an adventure! I have recently acquired a new iMac + upgraded my photoshop, and man, am I having issues. Between trying to figure out how to fix the sad default color calibration on this monitor and trying to get my head around the drastic algorithm change to the color balance + levels tools that happened somewhere between Photoshop CS3 and CS6 {which seems so far to be a bummer}, it's like I'm learning how to edit photos all over again. I did not quite figure out how to get these where I wanted them to be, but the learning curve's gotta start somewhere...

Into the park! {Central park, with morning light}

Stroll under the scaffolding {11th ave, Midtown West}

TULIP ATTACK!!! {outside the Museum of Natural History, Upper West Side}

Tulips in a cage {West End Ave.}

Daffodils roaming free in Central Park

Dewitt-Clinton Park

Giant branches of blossoms in the church coffee room! Heart. 

Early morning by the lake {Central Park}

Reflections of spring {Riverside Drive, UWS}

Sunny Sunday afternoon in Central Park

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