Papercut: Sara's Wedding Present!

Recently my friend Sara got married, and so it was epic wedding present times! Sara loves {and is very good at} hand drawn type, so I knew this had to have some letterforms going on in her honor. I decided to try a large {18 x 24 in—the biggest I could carry framed on a bus to Sara-land} paper-cut experiment, and picked the verse she had on her save the date cards. I drew it out in pencil, did a wax transfer to the back of a large sheet of white drawing paper, redid the wax transfer because I forgot to flop it, and then cut out the drawing with my trusty little knife in one hand and my trusty little magnifying glass in the other. The red you're seeing is another sheet of paper that I mounted it on. 

Here's what the whole thing looked like:

And here go some more glamour shots {a surprisingly enjoyable part of the process}:

And here's what it looks like framed, with a friend helpfully providing some reference for the scale.

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