Lincoln Center at Night

My walk home last night was accidentally absurdly beautiful. I know I've lived in this 'hood for five years now, but I clearly missed the memo about all the magic they keep hidden on the backside of the Lincoln Center Plaza. I was coming down West End ave, and when I got to the construction happening in the 60's, I thought to myself, "It's super creepy back here in the daylight, maybe I'll loop around to the plaza when I get there and spare myself the jitters." And LOOK what I found.

I've been on the plaza at night, which is pretty, but never in the back. And apparently the back is where they keep all the super-pretty.

Not much was going on when I passed through, but everything was all lit up as if some hyper glamorous thing would happen any second.

There is a cool little mini-park-ish-thing back there under a bunch of trees that is lit entirely with lights in the ground. It looks cool here, but this is only a fraction of how cool/dramatic/mysterious it looks in real life.

Here's the back door, if you want to skip the front jazz and get right to the action. It's tucked away on 65th st.

It's right next to a funny little lounge mushed underneath a weird grassy lawn wedge.

Snazzy entrance to the film center, on 65th st

Almost excessively snazzy entrance to the Met Opera. Almost.

view from the top of aforementioned weird grassy lawn wedge

This guy had some really dramatic lighting for that text message he was sending

Promenade in front of Avery Fisher Hall

More view from the tippy-top of aforementioned weird grassy lawn wedge. Heart.

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