Amanda Goes to Market

You know what I love? Giant piles of fruit. Not necessarily to buy, or eat, even. Just to gaze fondly at. They are so pretty. And a great place for fruit-pile-gazing happens to exist on the UWS—the Fairway Market on 75th and Broadway. They kindly keep all of their attractively piled fruit mountains outside so you can enjoy them without having to endure actually going into the store. How thoughtful. Behold some fruit!

 Lemons taste like furniture polish. :(

Limes win for having the best saturation, and for not tasting like furniture polish.

 Oranges get bonus points for being almost perfect circles.

 Apples are the best to eat. Nom nom nom.

I find it somewhat distressing that plums are not actually purple. We need to stop perpetuating this myth to our children. They're MAROON you guys. Big difference.

 Not fruit, I know, but still fun. Like a million little green worms!

 Peaches! Fuzzy fruit friends. :)

Strawberries are excellent for eating too, especially with chocolate. But the poor babies have to live in cages until they're adopted. 

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