Design Work: Character Image Styling

Every show site on Nickelodeon has an "About the Characters" page.  One of my favorite creative exercises is to figure out how to treat the images that live there. That particular page is templated, so all of these have to be the same image size and shape, and always sit on a white background, next to a block of text that describes the character. The interestingness comes from discovering, over and over, new ways to execute the same task.

To get an idea of what this process actually is, take a look at the before and after below. To start, I'm given an image {or series of images to pick from} of each character. Ideally they come isolated on white, but if they don't the first step is doing that. Then I can create an environment around them that's fun, reflects something about them or the show, and looks good with the rest of the show site. 

This first set was from a show about a jungle boy who had powers to summon magical spirit-like creatures:

Two more from that same show:

Fanboy & Chum Chum trading cards:

Creepy TV movie, The Boy Who Cried Werewolf:

That 70's Show:


The Naked Brothers Band:

Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures:

The Mighty B—girl scout badges for a show about girl scouts:

"Good Guy" and "Bad Guy" image treatments for Iron Man Armored Adventures:

How to Rock:

Back at the Barnyard:

TeenNick Rocks Out:

The FairlyOdd Parents:

House of Anubis:

El Tigre!

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