Design Work: iParty with Victorious

One of Nickelodeon's highest priority events last year was the TV movie iParty with Victorious, a crossover event that merged the casts of two of its most popular live-action shows, iParty and Victorious. I was pleased to get to design the site and all of the site promotion. We also streamed content live from premiere, and I got to be on hand to manage the presentation of that event. 

Here's the show site:

Promotion on the homepage; skin, house ads, and a-level treatments:

Another a-level that appeared on the homepage:

I designed a fun takeover for the homage the day of show: the content dimmed, a disco ball dropped down, lights flashed, and we used green-screen footage of the stars so they could actually walk on to your screen and be excited to meet. Here's a screengrab:

Some art from the live promotion of the premiere {live-designed these as the kids were walking down the carpet and we got the pictures in, they went up in real-time}:

Background art for the twitter feed promoting the event:

Background I made for my boss's power-point for internal approvals:

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