A Teddy-Hug Kind of Day

Last week's post over at the wheelhouse was another colored pencil study. I found this one less pleasant than my last because I realized a little too late that the teal paper I was using, while beautiful by itself, interacted with the colored lead in a way that I really did not enjoy. One of my favorite things about art making is watching the colors change, and though I did get the hues near enough to where I wanted them to be in the end, the transitions were pretty painful to watch. I'm guessing what irked me is that I was building my shadow palette off the paper, but there wound up being too much green lurking in the paper —I HATE green in my shadows. HATE IT. Ew, gross. And my highlights. Actually, I'm just not a fan of greenish tone mixing at all; it just doesn't play nice. I had to work extra hard to compensate for it; there are about 6—10 layers of color at all points on this drawing, which is a little more than I usually find I need. Fortunately it's just a taste issue, so I don't need to write this off as fail. But I'll definitely not do that again. Live and learn.

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