Snow-time Part II, the Central Park Edition!

The morning after the blizzard I left for church an hour early so my camera and I could have some quality time on the walk up through central park. And quality time it was!

Took this shot on the way. One of the things that I super-love about snow in the city is that when the sun finally comes out, it takes on a surprisingly reflective quality; when the block has got red buildings, the drifts throw a dramatic and beautiful bright red cast on everything. You can kind of see that happening here, especially if you look at the middle row of windows—this building is not typically that red, but it's across the street from one that is.

Look at that morning light! Get excited people. You don't see that kind of awesome often.

Now the park—I was pleased with how much of the snow was left. I love it on the trees.

I do not really like these trees, but I do really like how the light is hitting them.

Cute little bench-house by the lake

Pretty sure my mom will like this shot. That's why I took it.

I think I like this one a little better though:

happy path walking

baby bridge

mama bridge

Played out but still necessary through-the-bridge shot. :)

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