Yesterday was a very important day. I have been remiss to develop a very critical nerd-life skill, and yesterday that negligence was rectified. Behold, my brand-new robot drawing skills!!! I don't know how I made it this long avoiding such a significant nerd theme. Actually, I do. I thought the cuteness potential for robots was extremely low, so I was not interested. But another important event occurred yesterday—the birthday of my teammate Mark. He's the director of games product development, and the two of us {+ an occasional page or software developer or two} are partners in professional-internet-funtimes-making. Mark is very excellent. I thought the birth of a robot would be a good choice for celebrating Mark's existence, so after some research into the surprisingly diverse options for robot anatomy, cupcake-bot arrived! 'Bot surprised me by coming out pretty cute; I think I like him! I need to reprogram him so he spits out rainbows too, and then we will definitely be BFFs.

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