The Happiest Cube on Earth

A photo tour of my little corner of the professional world!

Welcome to my cube. Isn't it excellent? 

Look at all my happy friends! Starring, stuffed cold viruses, red & white blood cells, Rilakuma pencil holder, glass mushroom, jar of slime, emergency kit of googly eyes, a civil war joke, cartoon monkeys, a sushi sticker set, and, of course, multiple spongebobs.

And let us not forget guardian of the fortress, magical rainbow ninja kitten, {oh how I love magical rainbow ninja kitten!} perched confidently atop my giant stuffed mushroom hat.

Even my coffee cup gets some love.

Did you see the spongebob I made out of an actual sponge?

My favorite wall art, and probably my favorite illustration ever, is this glorious masterpiece by Adrian Johnson:

I love my giant stick pencils. Also pretty much everything else in this picture. :)
See the glass bowls? I made them! 

This may be the cutest eraser collection ever. Contain your jealousy.

One of my favorite office accessories is the paperclip hedgehog. Pretty brilliant. Also my trophy for surviving the 2009 rebrand, and my 5 year old can of whole raw clams {from my favorite show, Making Fiends}. 

Self-defense. {And maybe an ambush or two.} 
By the way, if you're in the market for nerf guns, this little guy's a WINNER.

Munition from an epic battle battle still stuck to my window, and yup, that's a shake shack down there. My cube is the official line-checking vantage point.

which leads me to the best part, THE VIEW.
This must be the best spot in the city to take in a sunset. 


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