Goin' Home

I journeyed to PA this weekend to partake in the festivities surrounding my grammy's 90th birthday!
Some photos from the adventuretimes:

I may have window envy of this setup going on in my mom's living room.

Flowers on the picnic table! 

Flowers everywhere! My mom loves to plant flowers. Here are two lilies in her garden.

Trip over the mountain to the fruit farm! 

YAY, peaches for dessert! And peaches for peach cake, and peach waffles, and peach ice cream, and peach muffins... :D

Speaking of dessert...let's make some cookies!

Aren't they cute? I especially love the ice cream cones. And the sunflower. And my good old friend octopus-cookie, who made an appearance again!

Psychedelic mushroom! But not the kind of psychedelic mushroom you're thinking of. It's the kind that grows when you have a mushroom cookie cutter and are relatively indiscriminate with the rainbow sprinkles. 

Poppop runs an auto-body shop. Why this pineapple juice was floating in a giant watery bucket of bottle caps in the front yard is beyond me, but I thought it was pretty.

Look who we found out back, perched atop an old race car tire! The infamous missing deer skull! My cousin spent all day last easter digging up the whole back yard because he couldn't remember where he buried it. At days end, still no luck. Apparently his luck has since changed. 

One of the two roosters that wander around and hang out while everybody is working. 

Dinner at Mommom's house—look at Mommom's pretty flowers!

Sunset over the backyard + pool

The main event! I am pleased to report that I did manage to secure and consume one of those giant pink flowers.  Happy birthday, indeed. 

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