What time is it? WATERMELON TIME!

Ever since watermelons re-appeared in their prime this season, this little guy has been dancing in my head. He was chosen somewhat at random and somewhat for his form to be a beta tester of my new artmaking process. As of late, I’ve been wanting to be less of a digital colorist and more of a digital painter, a distinction that can be difficult to see in an end piece, but makes all the difference in time it takes to make something and the scope of stylistic potential that something has. I had been drawing all my outlines by hand and then coloring them digitally, a process that I have become more and more convinced has been limiting me from reaching the particular aesthetic quality I am hoping for. I’ve been itching to get away from the crutch of outlines, but have so far not found a process that let me get around without them satisfactorily. And then finally…

 With this piece, I solidly made the leap—aside from the original pencil sketch, the entire thing was painted with a wacom tablet + stylus in photoshop! I’m definitely not comfortable with it yet., but I’m pretty sure that I finally made it across the gap that was keeping me from travelling in the direction I really have been yearning to go: my present quest to make digital pieces that don’t look so darn digital.

This post originally appeared on The Wheelhouse Review

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